A selection of comments from our clients

When I considered parting with almost my entire collection of mostly bespoke coach built cars, I met James O'Kane. An amazing young entrepreneur, whose passion, knowledge, finesse, global network, business acumen and dedication immediately made it clear to me that he and his young business were going to be my best bet in what was a very half and heavy hearted journey. 


James has managed to sell very unique cars with only a very small niche appeal to very discerning buyers and his flexibility and understanding of my unique needs. as well as his tireless efforts have brought the results I knew he would deliver from the first time I met him.


If you have a car to sell, O'Kane Lavers is fast becoming the partner of choice. For any car and any location. Thank you James for working with me during this process."



Global Entrepreneur and connoisseur of cars that are art

I had owned my Ferrari 365BB for nearly 25 years and decided it was eventually time to sell it. I wanted a professional approach to selling the car but didn’t really want to have to deal with the sale myself. After researching the various options provided by the main brokers in the classic car marketplace I met with James O’Kane of O’Kane Lavers. James visited me and inspected the Ferrari and we discussed the car’s history and provenance. I was impressed by James’s attitude and knowledge of the market place and car values. We agreed a price that O’Kane Lavers would market the car at and also a very agreeable sales commission structure. O’Kane Lavers arranged for their photo shoot and a great number of photos were taken of the car at suitable location. These photos showed the overall condition and quality of the car, as well as focusing on the car’s details.


Within a short time James had found three potential buyers with one in America being very keen to proceed. Once James had negotiated an acceptable deal with the buyer we held a video conference call to show the car via video and to discuss the history and restoration details.


The deal was confirmed, invoices issued, payment received direct from the buyer to my account, shipping to the USA was arranged by O’Kane Lavers, and the car was collected for delivery to it’s new owner. When I received the commission invoice from James I was more than happy to pay it.


A smooth deal that was professionally handled throughout. O’Kane Lavers were a pleasure to do business with and I would highly recommend them.”


Simon Campbell 

Renowned Ferrari Collector 

I have known James for a while now and we both love to discuss the market, some specific cars and the best way to find them. I appreciate the knowledge and the passion James has in many segments of the collectors car market.

It certainly makes a difference to have somebody with a profound know how. Finally I decided to separate from my Porsche 964 Turbo 3,6 and the natural choice for me was O’Kane Lavers. Everything was very professional and smooth. The car sold quickly within the price range we had fixed.


I can highly recommend James for anybody thinking of selling his car or entire collection.”

Wolfgang Meiser

German industrialist and car collector

Initially I contacted James for information on a bespoke Alfa Disco he had listed. Instead I ended up selling a 1950’s Ferrari with O’Kane Lavers. I was impressed with the number of contacts James had, not only in Europe, but worldwide. When you are buying or selling a car, it is important to have the negotiation process clear and up to date.

This was one of the many attributes I was pleased to see O’Kane Lavers treat with a high degree of importance. 

James is willing to put the customer first and has a very professional approach to his business. I was impressed, so would have no hesitation in dealing with James in a future vehicle transaction.

Warren De France

World-Renowned Ferrari Collector

What I liked about James was his true enthusiasm. A young man with a real hunger to provide a first class service to his client base. We first connected over social media and he patiently kept in touch with me to discuss the car I was potentially looking to sell. James was never pushy and came across more as a petrolhead with a genuine passion for cars first and foremost. There was no pressure to use him but I decided to give him an opportunity. Trusting your car with an independent dealer on consignment is fraught with risk so when James suggested I keep the car where it currently was in storage, he then arranged a professional photo shoot and then listed the car on his website. Sooner than I expected 2 prospective buyers came to view the car at my convenience and in my comfort zone. He patiently intermediated between buyer and seller to ensure both parties felt happy.


He has also been assisting me with a potential future purchase and remains in touch regularly. I would be more than happy to use James again for future transactions and would be happy to recommend him to like minded enthusiasts looking to sell or buy.”

Anis Suterwalla

British Entrepreneur and Car Collector 

James at O’Kane Lavers did a wonderful job helping me to find a new owner for my historic Porsche 356.  James is a real car enthusiast, and very knowledgeable. The approach taken by O’Kane Lavers is that of a full partnership. They really worked hard and achieved a great outcome for the buyer and for me as the seller.  I was most impressed by the geographic reach that they have, bringing potential buyers from Australia, Germany, U.K. and the US. I would certainly work with them again and I whole-heartedly recommend them"


Nigel Toon

Car Enthusiast

O’Kane Lavers is a young company with a refreshing approach. They are true car enthusiasts, and the sale of my car was approached not just as a ‘transaction’ but as a partnership, characterised by strong engagement and clear communication. The result of their bespoke and customer-focused approach was an outcome that suited all parties. I would work with them again and recommend them without reservation.”


David Stark

British Car Collector

James is a lovely man who I met over a year ago when selling my Ferrari Dino, which he sold for me in the space of 2 days. Since that time he has been involved in the sale and acquisition of several cars for me, including my prized Ferrari 275 GTB/4 and has recently sold my Ferrari Pista Spider and Porsche 993 RS. James is a very hard working young man, he will travel across the country just to shake hands with somebody who has enquired about a car, he will be a big player in the classic car market in the years to come and I'll enjoy watching him become that. When selling a car there are horror stories about consignment deals gone wrong, companies going bust and keeping the cars etc so the way James works is much more suitable to my needs and risks I am prepared to take, the car stays with you and he travels to conduct any viewings on the cars at any time. I couldn't recommend O'Kane Lavers enough, they get the job done and do not mess the buyer or the seller around, thats very important in this market.”


Brian Barso

British Businessman and Car Collector


James has been straight and honest to deal with, achieving premium prices from committed buyers. 

James stands out as one to stick with and trust, nice and easy.”


Steve Russell

Property Developer, Racer and Porsche Collector

The whole process from start to finish was handled with a high level of professionalism with a personal touch. No detail too small and all discussions (at anytime) helped both the seller and me as a buyer achieve a positive result. Thank you."


Rob Greenwood

Software Entrepreneur 

James contacted me proactively but not aggressively about assisting me in selling my classic Aston Martin. He was professional, respectful and clearly very knowledgeable about the specific Aston market and provided good guidance on marketing and pricing. Throughout the sales process he kept me very well informed and we had several good and respectful conversations. James has a rare balance of being proactive but not pushy. The process ended with a smooth sale at full asking price. Very well done to James - I will use him again and can only recommend warmly."


Lars Seidler 

Danish Car Collector

I first met James at a Rolls-Royce Concours event when he stopped by to see my Phantom Coupe. I liked his passion and enthusiasm and we stayed in touch. At the time he was working for one of the Classic Car Dealers but wanted to establish his own business. I introduced him to a couple of high end dealer friends for a second opinion and they both said “Encourage him to go for it. The right attitude, passion and not pushy”. With the fearlessness of youth James set about creating his business, finding cars and expanding his contact list. He quickly found an anchor customer, and is growing his client base, and getting repeat customers. 


I am thinking about buying a Ferrari and am moving towards a choice between two different models. James has been happy to discuss my ideas and is nudging me in the direction of one."


Donald Cameron


I found the O’Kane Lavers website whilst doing my usual trawling of classic cars, and the quality of selection, presentation and international feel drew my attention very quickly.


I had a Porsche 356 that I was thinking about selling at some point over the next 12 months, and after making contact and having an initial chat I felt James was the man for the job. James came to see the car some 8 months later when I was ready to sell to ensure it met the standard required, and the car was quickly photographed and put up for sale at the right price. After only a few weeks offers started to land and James was excellent at keeping in quick contact. After 10 weeks of the car being advertised, James put forward a great offer from a car collector in Japan subject to a viewing by their UK representative. The viewing went well and I was paid in full 5 days after the viewing, and the car set sail to Japan only a few days after that. All in all, a very efficient and high quality service that ensured my beloved 356 went to a safe and caring home."


Steven Crutchley

Property Developer and Porsche Collector

James put me in a position to close a deal on the Lamborghini he was advertising by making sure I was able to get out of my existing car during a tricky time in the market. His extensive network of collector and dealer contacts in the industry ensured the deal happened smoothly and to the satisfaction of all 3 clients involved.

His knowledge and passion for the motor industry was clear from the first meeting and he was keen to help me through every step of the process to make sure the car was ready for delivery and prepped to my satisfaction. He also kept in regular contact post closing and available to help on any question.

I would gladly recommended James and O’Kane Lavers to anyone looking at buying/selling the most prestigious vehicles in the market at realistic prices and in the most straightforward way."



Finance Professional

James is a true car enthusiast with a simple and clear sales process. He handled everything to do with the sale of my Aston Martin with efficiency, together with clear communication. What else could one wish for?"


Tom Sloan

British Businessman 

James supported me during my first venture into the world of classic cars; in my case E-types, and his opinion, patience and support was most helpful. Being able to discuss options without undue pressure made the purchase process much smoother."


Jim Fletcher

Company CEO

It was a really tough decision for us to sell both a beloved 3.2 Carrera 911 and Audi RS6. Both amazing cars and very reluctant sales. I was introduced to James who made the whole process seamless and found perfect new custodians for both cars. I wanted to sell these cars to enthusiasts who truly understood how well kept, unusual and awesome these cars are. We had plenty of interest from both domestic and overseas buyers and James was really good at sharing market insight, drawing on his experience over the last few years and was fair, honest and gave both sides comfort. James is young, passionate about cars and patient. Would highly recommend him to anyone with a special car, looking for the right buyer! Now I just need to recover from the fact I have to drive a vanilla car..thanks James, great job!"


Jon Ball

Car Enthusiast

I had been looking for a Porsche 911 in Australia for months and months, and was unashamedly particular about what I wanted. Then one Sunday a google search took me across the globe to O'Kane Lavers in the UK. And boom there she was, a stunning 1987 911 Carrera 3.2 Sport Targa. This was THE ONE!


The photographic presentation and information on the website about car was excellent. I contacted James O’Kane and I could tell he was relationship driven, knowledgeable and professional. He connected me with the owner who answered my questions and shared the ‘story’ and provenance about this exceptional this car. I am so appreciative of this experience, it gave me confidence and trust in buying the car.


And so with the help of James I now embark on my own journey of owning a timeless classic, sharing in the delight and pleasure that comes with this crazy passion."


Kathy Drogemuller

Owner, Co – Founder Paracombe Wines - Australia

When I first met James I was a little surprised at how young he was. The car I was looking to purchase was more than double his age and some! However, never judge a book by its cover as they say. James was not only knowledgeable, but also extremely helpful and accommodating, traits that are required when parting with such a large sum of money on the car of your dreams. The whole process from start to finish was managed expertly by James and I would highly recommend him to any clients looking to purchase a prestige or classic car where honesty and trust is so important. 


I am now the very proud owner of a beautiful cream with red leather interior 1958 Porsche 356A. The car is undergoing a full restoration by Williams Crawford and I look forward to sharing photos of the finished article with James. 

Well done James and thanks again. I am sure we will do further business in the coming years."


Paul Boyle

British Car Collector

I finally made the decision to sell my Ferrari but I was not sure of the best method. I wanted a professional approach but didn’t really want to have to deal with the sale myself. James contacted me and suggested a way forward. He immediately brought a number of genuinely interested buyers to me and was a great help in dealing with all the technical questions they came up with. Within a very short period of time he found someone who was the ideal buyer - the car was the one for him and the price was acceptable to both parties. James was a pleasure to work with and I would thoroughly recommend O’Kane Lavers."


David Klein

Software Entrepreneur