Porsche 911 R

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

"now considered a rich man's version of the GT3 touring"

With a production year of 2016 the 911 R caught the hearts of manual lovers everywhere, Porsche: "The 911 series received a new pure-breed model". After making it's debut at the famed Geneva Motor Show in 2016, everyone wanted one! Of course Porsche being Porsche you had to have a serious history with a dealer in order to get one.

This, of course, encouraged flipping the 911 R as soon as some owners got their hands on them, due to the high demand. With only 991 made, we are sure at least half aren't now with their original owners. This year (2019) Gooding & Company sold the delivery mileage 2016 911 R from the Jan Koum collection for $313,000, $37,000 under it's lower estimate. The last time Gooding & Company had sold a 911 R was at their last auction 3 months before in Scottsdale, where they sold a 2016 example with 2,400 miles for $280,000, $20,000 under the lower estimate.