Ferrari F12tdf

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

“Ferrari kind of sold them to the right people”

The Ferrari F12tdf or to use it’s full title the F12 Tour de France was unveiled in October 2015. This track-focused version of the F12 berlinetta was created to pay homage to the Tour de France automobile race held between 1899 and 1986. Ferrari had major success in the race over the years, especially with the Ferrari 250 GT in it’s many forms. The F12tdf is a very angry race car with a quick gearbox, light steering and racing position seats it ticks boxes for many Ferrari enthusiasts. But only 799 Ferrari enthusiasts can own this beast and, let’s be honest, half of the owners couldn’t care less it just suits their collection! Let’s not forget that the F12tdf is a collectors item just the same as the 599 GTO.

Price wise you would say they were offered cheap at list £339,000. But as soon as the flippers started offering them they were changing hands every week for £1,000,000 plus! The market has now relaxed and the hype has died down, a right hand drive car can trade for £750,000 with a few hundred or low thousand miles on the clock, it also depends on the spec of the car of course.

Back in 2018 we saw RM Sotheby’s sell a 2017 car with 200 miles finished in Azzurro La Plata livery with the option list over $110,000, it sold on the night for $1,325,000 - why so much? Simple it’s a rare spec and someone fell in love with it. RM Sotheby’s also sold a 2017 example earlier this year in Paris for £1,057,000, it was finished in Brunito paint with a special tan leather interior, the car had 2,600 km on the clock, again why? Because it’s a special spec on a very sort after model.