Ferrari Enzo

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

"How many did they make? 400!"

The Ferrari Enzo, named after the founder of Ferrari; Enzo Ferrari, was first announced at the 2002 Paris motor show with the claimed limited production run of 399 units plus one extra for the Pope. With a base price of £520,000/$650,000 which, with hindsight, was not a bad investment. Ferrari first offered the Enzo to their VIP customers, specifically those who had previously bought the F40 and/or F50. While Ferrari waited on those customers nobody else was allowed to order one, if only Ferrari could stick to that now! The Enzo was designed by Ken Okuyama the head of design at Pininfarina. To us this shows Ferrari really cared about every detail of the Enzo, in other words, we reckon Enzo Ferrari would only want Pininfarina to design a car in his name. The Enzo was developed using formula one technology, it had a F1 style transmission, carbon fibre-reinforced silicon carbide and the 6.0 Tipo F140 B V12 engine in it. Essentially it had a F1 cars engine, which as Enzo Ferrari only cared about racing, was no mistake. He had no real interest in road cars.

Should you buy or sell in this current mad market?

RM Sotheby’s auctioned off, in the summer of 2015, the Ferrari Enzo which had been gifted to Pope John Paul II, it sold for $6,060,000 with 179km from new. RM Sotheby’s also auctioned off, in the winter of 2015, the Ex-Floyd Mayweather Enzo for $3,300,000 with 560km on the clock. In 2014 they sold a 2003 Ferrari Enzo finished in Nero for $1,925,000 8,000km, 2015 a 2002 Enzo finished in Giallo Modena sold in Italy for £1,111,000 it was the Pininfarina 2002 Paris Motor Show car and had over 30,000km on the clock, 2008 RM Sotheby’s sold a 2004 Enzo for £751,771 in Italy, this Enzo was finished in the rare Argento Nurburgring. Tom Hartley Jnr has just sold a delivery mileage US Enzo, and who knows what that sold for!

So as you may be able to tell we love the Ferrari Enzo, it was created with heart and passion and was offered to the ‘right’ people, Enzo’s are Ferrari’s most important modern car and most collectable modern car. If you own one, keep it! If you do buy one then most importantly; make sure you buy a good example.

What to look for, 1. Ferrari Classiche Certified. 2. Full Ferrari service history with original manuals and items. 3. Original car, original engine, original leather or alcantara. 4. Low ownership. 5. Low mileage.