1932 Invicta 4½-Litre S-Type Replica

Coachwork by Carbodies



Green Leather


8,600 Miles




ZA 103




  • Genuine Invicta chassis

  • Engine professionally rebuilt in 2018 

  • 2018 Mille Miglia entrant

  • Turn-key ready to be enjoyed

This 1932 Invicta 4½-Litre S-Type Replica


This magnificent Invicta 4½-Litre S-Type Replica is the product of great passion and expertise.  World renowned Invicta specialist Rod Pollock purchased the 1932 Invicta 1½-Litre chassis L40 in 1999 on behalf of the previous owner, the cars condition was poor and there was little left of its original saloon body, it had also been fitted with a standard 12 engine and gearbox. It was evident that the previous owner had planned on building a 1½-Litre/4½-Litre Special as a 4½-litre Meadows marine engine was also included in the sale.


Rod set straight to work on the car, and a replica body in carbodies style was commissioned, and numerous missing parts were sourced, which included: five Rudge-Whitworth 19" wheels, Rotax 10" headlamps, all correct instruments, SU HV5 carburettors, steering wheel, Marles L3 steering assembly, gearbox, Bosch horns, bonnet catches, shock absorbers (both Luvax and André Hartford), starter, dynamo, distributor, magneto, water pump, petrol pumps, cycle wings, seats, correct sump, rocker cover, fan assembly, and further other parts. It was decided to use a Rolls-Royce 20/25 gearbox and Simon Parker converted some Alvis wings, other work also included a new bonnet, and seats were sourced from an original S-Type in the US.

Keith Roach made the S-Type cross members and A-Type bulkhead. A new S-Type replica radiator with increased water and cooling capacity was fitted with new stronger half-shafts. The Engine was then rebuilt by Rod Pollock using re-machined parts, new pistons and new flywheel, a conversion plate was needed in order to be able to fit the Rolls-Royce 20/25 gearbox onto the engine. In late 2009 the car was painted and re-upholstered, later on reconditioned Luvax shock absorbers were fitted to improve the ride and handling.


Our client purchased the WP 1684 in 2016 and has thoroughly enjoyed the car, having successfully completed the 2018 (36th) Mille Miglia. Before the Mille Miglia the Invicta’s 4,467cc 6-cylinder engine was subject to a full rebuild by the team at Classic Job in Dalfsen, The Netherlands.

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